Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor, Jan. 25, 2019 | Trump’s action disappoint hunters, anglers

Trump fails to protect Roosevelt’s legacy

When Donald Trump was elected president, sportsmen had high hopes that the president and his cabinet would commit to, in President Trump’s words, “honoring the legacy of Theodore Roosevelt.” As our 26th president, Roosevelt worked tirelessly to stop special interests from developing and privatizing our public lands and waters, conserving more than 230 million acres by establishing 150 national forests,

51 federal bird reserves, four national game preserves, five national parks, and 18 national monuments.

Sportsmen have applauded the administration for some Roosevelt-like actions, such as their proposal to expand hunting and fishing on 10 national wildlife refuges and their calling on Congress to create a permanent solution to the practice of “fire borrowing” (taking money from accounts such as forest maintenance to fight forest fires).

Yet we will continue to hold administration officials accountable for pursuing the rollback of conservation protections on millions of acres of national monuments, scrapping collaborative habitat management plans for sage grouse, and not fighting administration proposals to cut popular public access programs like the Land and Water Conservation Fund. These actions threaten to undermine Roosevelt’s legacy, and I join Backcountry Hunters & Anglers in urging the Trump administration to do the right thing and stand up for our public lands.

Ric Martinelli, Madera

Beware leaders who always whine

After watching our “Leader” whining and boasting (lying) all week on the nightly news (including his favorite, Fox), I suddenly thought of who this “leader” reminded me of. As a teenager I saw another “leader” boasting, blaming others for the misery his nation was going through, wanting to appease his ego by demanding unneeded things, putting many of his fellow citizen’s lives at risk and “whining” just because he could.

That man, or should I say monster, wore a brown military uniform and a small black mustache below his nose. All our Commander in Chief needs is a uniform, which he wishes he had. After all, he has said “I probably know more than all the Generals.” And that might be true, because he might have studied all about warfare and the military while he sat at home when he managed to beat the draft.

Can you guess who?

P.S. Let us all hope we can survive this “leaders” demands.

Carmelo Spada, Los Banos