Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor, Friday, Jan. 4, 2019 | Thanks for helping us Feed the Need

‘Feed the Need’ got a needed boost

The Los Banos Rotary Club would like to thank Century 21 MM and associates in Los Banos as well as Realtor Bonnie Howell, chairperson for the Canned Food Drive for Century 21, for their generous donation of food and canned goods to the “Feed the Need” program. “Feed the Need” is a weekend food program for Los Banos schoolchildren. Their contribution will help the Rotary Club continue this important program and our efforts to decrease hunger in our community.

Lori Lieb, Rotary Club chairperson of “Feed the Need” program, Los Banos

Had enough winning yet?

To all my fellow Americans who voted for the New York Dealmaker, I ask: Have you seen the light yet, or have you not been affected by the many acts he has administered? Are you one of the thousands of federal employees out of work?

Remember one of his “spiels” was keeping Americans working? Are you a Chevrolet autoworker losing a job because of tariffs? Are you a stock market “player” enjoying the largest drop since the Great Depression? He’s blaming the Federal Reserve for this travesty.

Does the desertion of so many of his cabinet members and close advisers make you wonder what is going wrong? What hook did he use on you? Was it immigration? Calling global warming a hoax? What it his mythical “great” medical plan that would be available to all? How about tax relief? By now you know who will really benefit from his tax relief. And where will the money come from to pay for his beautiful, “Mighty Wall”?

God bless us all and hope God will help us through these next two years.

Carmelo Spada, Los Banos