Letters to the Editor

Dennis Areias has worked hard for education; deserves re-election

Voting for Areias is a vote for students

I urge you to vote for incumbent Dennis Areias as Los Banos Unified School District trustee. Dennis has been a long time stalwart on the board of education and I had the great pleasure to serve with him for numerous years and was astounded by his knowledge of the issues and his willingness to fight for the best interests of the students, staff and the citizens he represents.

As a local small businessman, Dennis has brought his home-bred approach to the forefront on three very important issues – employee salary negotiations, property acquisition and school construction. His unique approach allows him to be upfront, honest and dedicated to push for what he believes in.

Student test scores, student/teacher ratio, developer agreements, annual budgets and Sacramento politics are just a few of the issues that all of our volunteer trustees must deal with. In my mind, there is nobody better than Dennis to push forward on these diverse topics. Help me support our students and our future by casting your vote for Dennis Areias.

Chase Hurley, Los Banos

Want leadership? Vote for Areias

Dennis Areias is the most experienced member of the LBUSD school board. During his distinguished tenure as a trustee, he has helped steer the board and district through good times and difficult times. He understands the role of a school board member. He studies and understands the budget. He knows board policies. He is part of important committees. For example, meeting with city leaders to help speed the process of building new schools. During his time on the board, Dennis has helped lead the charge to get four new schools built.

And now, with increasing student enrollment, we are in need of more schools. Dennis is the right person to see these projects to completion and help lead the district into the future. Dennis has a strong record of getting things done. A vote for Dennis is a vote for the continued improvement of our local system. For strong leadership, more and better schools vote for Dennis Areias.

Tom Bates, Los Banos