Letters to the Editor

Letters: Candidates should be specific about who they are, what they’ve done

Show me the facts on candidates

I’m an established resident in Los Banos City Council District 3. I’m the type of voter who wants to know about all of the candidates in any race that affects me. I have studied the only piece of literature being circulated by candidate Brett Jones. It’s a flashy document that says nothing about his background, qualifications, record of previous community service or any specific plans for achieving solutions to our pressing problems.

If Jones can show the voters any proven history of service, experience or qualifications to serve on the city council, he should do it. We voters deserve the facts in order to make an objective, fair comparison of the candidates.

Arlene Cardoza, Los Banos

Support police, vote for Measure H

I agree with the local leaders who endorsed the Measure H. Having a son in law enforcement, 31 years now, I know well that any money spent to make our law abiding citizens safe will be well spent. There have been many so-called bad encounters between police and contacts, but only after the encounters can those incidents be evaluated. In most all of these encounters, the contacts were not following the commands of officers, leading to bad results.

An officer’s job is stressful and dangerous, as we have all seen over the years. With an ever-increasing population, we will need more of these brave men and women to take on this dangerous and nerve-wracking profession. Since moving to Los Banos fours ago, I have come to know for a fact that we have the best officers and chief taking care of business. Vote for Measure H.

Carmelo Spada, Los Banos