Letters to the Editor

Measure H an investment in the future of Los Banos

Measure H is an investment in future of Los Banos

Fifteen years ago I became part of the group that began Measure P. I am still on the oversight committee. Our work has helped assure that the tax funds raised by Measure P have been used appropriately.

This November, we have to decide how to vote on Measure H. I know no one likes to pay taxes, still everyone wants the needed or improved services. We all need to pay our fair share. I am confident this measure is needed to try to maintain a safe quality of life in Los Banos. I am reassured this measure insures an oversight committee as well as an independent annual audit. This formula has worked well for Measure P. It has kept the tax honest and on track. I am proud to endorse both measures.

Currently, our city is way below the state’s recommended level of personnel in the fire and police departments and dispatchers. There are so many other current needs that Measure H will address to improve our quality of life. I consider my vote for Measure H an investment in our city’s future.

Diana Ingram Thurston, Los Banos