Letters to the Editor

Letters: Welcome to America, but I don’t want to see your old flags

Leave the old country behind

I welcome all immigrants from all countries, as I was born to immigrants and lived in New York City – a melting pot for peoples from all nations and of religions. But there is one thing that bothers me to no end about immigrants: Leave your culture back from where you came from.

Do not forget your roots, but if you left, there must have been some reason to leave. I do not want to hear your music blasting from “boom boxes” or see flags wafting in the breeze or flying behind your autos. Enjoy your old “good times” of the old land in the comfort of your living room.

Welcome to America where you can start a new and, hopefully, more prosperous and healthy life.

Carmelo Spada, Los Banos

Spendthrift Trump bankrupting us

The American people still haven’t seen President Donald Trump’s tax returns. While in office, our president has been throwing out money to mop up messes he created. Many of his supporters were attracted to his claims of wealth and business acumen, but these claims may be merely more of his lies. We, the American public, are footing the bill. Our children and grandchildren will be paying. Trump is making our nation great again alright – greater and greater in debt.

He’s threatening to shut down our government if Congress doesn’t vote to spend $25 billion on his wall. Trump promised Mexico would pay for the wall. Now he wants to give $12 billion to farmers affected by a tariff war that Trump himself initiated. He pushed to give our richest citizens a huge tax cut. Now he wants to give them another $100 billion in capital gains tax cuts. These tax cuts mean less money for the government to provide services like Medicare, Medicaid, education, research, park maintenance, the military, etc. President Trump wants to throw an unneeded parade estimated to cost $14 million, yet he canceled the military exercises with South Korea which are necessary for military preparedness. He even wants to give a new paint job to Air Force One.

Republican representatives and senators can force Trump to reveal his tax returns. Why haven’t they? They’re failing to protect us from the spendthrift in the White House.

Carol Milam, Los Banos