Letters to the Editor

Every ethnicity has been a victim of hate. It’s best not to let yourself hate others

After watching and listening to the plight of the children being separated from their parents at our country’s border, I wondered how much of the situation is racially motivated. This brought to mind that our country has always had bigots. Every race and religion has had a taste of it at one time or another, and many still do. As an Italian born to immigrants, in the early 1930’s, people of my heritage suffered their fair share from our new American neighbors. March 14, 1891, New Orleans lynched and shot 11 innocent Italians – one of Americas largest mass lynchings. Even future-president Theodore Roosevelt applauded the act, comparing them unfavorably to rattlesnakes.

Any of us living in America should try to realize that we humans will always have some sort of bad feelings about certain peoples or beliefs. So get over those feeling or poor me, and get on with our lives and do the best we can for each other. I wish all the best for those down at the border and the rest of us in the U.S. Good luck.

Carmelo Spada, Los Banos