Letters to the Editor

Blame the parents of those kids, not our system or politicians

I am sure that this is going to cause some backlash, but there are things that need to be said. We are a country of laws and also a country of immigrants, but that means legal immigrants. No one has the right to cross into our borders illegally and take up residence. The people who bring the children here are responsible for this, not our legal system.

I feel sorry for these children because they are being used by the people that they should be able to trust to take care of them, but who instead are using them to try to gain illegal access to our country and its benefits, they know that this will happen, but bring them here anyway. If you think that a law is wrong or unjust, you don’t ignore or break it, you work to change it.

As for the people who think that everyone should be allowed to remain here, I ask how many of them are you willing to take into your home to feed, clothe and educate? It is time to put your money where your mouth is and take responsibility for the illegal immigrants you are so passionate about keeping here.

Rita F. Silva, Los Banos