Letters to the Editor

There’s a new DA in Merced, but the Opinski/Jones case must continue

Kimberly Helms Lewis is our new District Attorney. She is to be congratulated on winning the election, but many of us in Los Banos are concerned about how this will affect the Greg Opinski/Tommy Jones trial. It has been two years since DA Larry Morse III charged Opinski and Jones with bribery after they were allegedly caught on tape in Jones’ house discussing it. The bribe involved a construction contract that would have cost the Los Banos School District thousands of dollars more than it should have.

We don’t know if Baldo Salcedo knew about the alleged bribe, but he was in favor of the contract. Baldo spent a lot of effort and money getting Lewis elected, perhaps because he is a close friend of Jones. We have waited two years while the trial has been continuously postponed. If Opinski and Jones were attempting to steal from the taxpayers at the expense of our children in school construction projects, they both need to be prosecuted. Our new district attorney needs to seek justice for both our community and our kids.

David J. Silva, Los Banos