Letters to the Editor

Scott Silveira rolls up his sleeves and gets to work

As a deeply imbedded volunteer to charitable, fraternal and youth organizations, not to mention a few city commissions, I have learned first and foremost that the Westside is an island unto its own; intricate and unique. Factually, the Westside always requires presence of community action, not just of donation. In truth, donation is the beginning of an end to the issue, which brings me to this observation; in my 30-some years volunteering on the Westside, I have only seen or crossed paths with one supervisorial candidate who continually rolls up his sleeves to resolve issues at hand. He has always been up front and truthfully communicative when called upon for problem solving.

A sound community knowledge cannot be bought by outside financial support, big-city experience or a combination last name. Rather, it is in these earned inter-action community hours that build the foundation of a multi-faceted and in-depth candidate to be Supervisor.

Vote for Scott Silveira, a man true to his heart, true to his word and true to District 5.

DJ Barcellos, Los Banos