Letters to the Editor

As a defense attorney, I’m endorsing Morse to remain as district attorney

I recently retired from the practice of law in Merced County after over 44 years in the business. Much of my practice focused on defense of those accused of crimes. This county has had a number of superior District Attorneys and I have tried cases against many of them. I have a great deal of respect for the DA’s office.

The DA’s Office has a proven, competent, experienced manager in Larry Morse. He has shown himself to be capable during rapidly changing times under trying conditions.

Though my firm has had its differences with Larry during the years he has run the D.A.’s office and before, when he was an Assistant District Attorney, those differences were always handled professionally. Always, Larry acted with respect for the accused, his adversary, the system, common sense and honesty.

I do not intend to cast a aspersions on Kimberly Helms Lewis; however, Larry Morse has proved himself a competent and superior manager of the very important office of the District Attorney, and I strongly urge you consider this when you vote on June 5. Merced County needs continued, highly experienced leadership, and Larry provides that.

Eugene Vierra, Los Banos