Letters to the Editor

Debating the pros, cons of Measure X; guess I’ll vote yes

After reading the comments on Measure X, I had mixed emotions on my stance. The pro side of my mind was the good feeling I got knowing children will have a chance to have a good future, if they choose, and the fact that more safety will be there for them.

The con side of my mind was upset feeling the increase in population is the cause of those who have children for monetary gain through social programs, which by the way is draining people financially here in California. With all the taxes imposed on many items, it is no wonder many of us are leaving the state. At my age (up there) I probably will vote yes, as I remember my school years and graduations – the last at age 55 – and wished I could have had more.

Good luck to all you children attending school. Remember the only thing better than a good education is being born into a family with big bucks. Ask your president.

Carmelo Spada, Los Banos