Letters to the Editor

Measure X a painless way to give our kids the schools they need

As a parent, I appreciate the education my children receive at Los Banos High School. But when I visit, I also see a crowded school and crowded classrooms. We need to make student safety a priority. This June we can take a step to change that by voting yes on local Measure X. It will authorize our school district to repair, renovate and upgrade local schools as well as add classrooms and facilities to relieve overcrowding. Ensuring our kids have safe, modern facilities is the least we can do to help them get college- and career-ready.

If you value local education – whether to help kids succeed or simply to protect your property values – then Measure X deserves your support. Join parents throughout our community voting yes on Measure X for Los Banos USD Schools!

P.S. Measure X is structured to phase in as an old school facilities measure phases out, so we’ll get improvements without increasing our existing tax rates!

Anne Sadler-Sanchez, Los Banos