Letters to the Editor

Tietjen made huge strides in Los Banos by insisting that kids were the focus

“It’s about the kids, not ‘the test.’” Over the course of 25 years, I served as a teacher, academic coach and school administrator under a variety of superintendents. What did Steve Tietjen’s leadership bring to Los Banos Unified School District?

Tietjen focused his staff on the whole child – not just the California Standards Test. Under Tietjen’s leadership the following goals were achieved: school safety training and measures were implemented; a plan was established to increase student technology use and provide devices equitably across the District; students returned to Outdoor Science School; the number of courses that qualify students for college increased; high school graduation rates improved; a bond was passed allowing a high school and elementary school to be built; teachers were encouraged to focus on collaboration and team decision making and state test scores improved across the District.

Was this easy? No – change is difficult; adults don’t always agree.

It’s not about the adults! It is about the kids. The students of Los Banos Unified benefited from Tietjen’s leadership.

I encourage you to support current Merced County Superintendent of Schools Steve Tietjen. His experience and leadership skills will benefit all Merced County students.

Carolann DeMoss, Los Banos