Letters to the Editor

For safety and education of our kids, vote yes on Measure X

We all know Los Banos is growing fast and as new families move into our community more and more students are entering our schools. At the same time, we’re seeing across the entire country how challenging it is to keep students safe. That’s why it’s important for our students to have safe, modern facilities without overcrowding. That’s why I’m voting yes on Measure X in June.

Measure X will build a new elementary school to relieve overcrowding and add classrooms at existing schools. Pacheco High and Creekside Junior High will get new classroom wings. In addition, Measure X has funds to improve safety at school pick-up and drop-off areas, upgrade emergency communication systems and more.

Best of all Measure X will help keep our students safe without increasing our tax rates. Because Measure X would phase in as a previous school facilities bond is phasing out, it simply extends the tax rate without increasing it. Not everything on our June ballot is easy, but this one is: Vote yes on Measure X.

Joe G. Gutierrez, Los Banos