Police say this is how they tracked two suspected car thieves to Los Banos

Oscar Aguayo, 28
Oscar Aguayo, 28 Los Banos Police Department

A man and woman from Madera were arrested this week in Los Banos after police found a stolen car parked on I Street, the Los Banos Police Department reported.

Madera investigators used GPS to track the stolen vehicle which they located in Los Banos, police said in a news release.

Los Banos police on Tuesday located the vehicle in the 600 block of I Street.

Police arrested Madera residents Oscar Aguayo, 28, and Yvette Guadalupe Lopez, 29. They were turned over to Madera police and booked into the Madera County Jail in connection with car-theft allegations and other unspecified felony warrants, according to police.

Yvette Guadalupe Lope.jpg
Yvette Guadalupe Lopez, 29 Los Banos Police Department