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The Big Screen: Sex Tape

July 25, 2014 

Sex Tape” begins promising enough. Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz play a husband and wife who, in an effort to spice up their marriage, make a sex tape and accidentally share it with friends. They spend a frantic night trying to undo the gaffe.

But the movie is at its best before the sex tape is even recorded.

Diaz and Segel have wonderful romantic and comedic chemistry. They play a couple that was once fiery and passionate. But a long marriage, two children and busy jobs have made things in the bedroom fizzle a bit. They’re overwhelmed and exhausted.

One night the kids are sent to the grandparents’ house, and Annie and Jay decide to make a sex tape. Things go wrong when Jay promises to delete the video but instead sends it to everyone in his cloud network. Annie’s wholesome mommy blog is about to be bought for big bucks.

Up to this moment, “Sex Tape” displays a great deal of honesty about how long-term relationships can lose their mojo over time. It’s also crude and funny. But a funnier movie might be a sex tape that actually gets out to all their friends, and is eventually uploaded to the Internet. Don’t we all want to see how a comedy might react to that?

Instead, Annie and Jay go on a ride around town trying to get the tape back. And the journey becomes more preposterous as the night goes on, with their two kids eventually tagging along for the ride, and the final stop being the headquarters of a large pornography site managed by Jack Black.

“Sex Tape” feels incomplete, like two different movies trying desperately to come together. Segel and Diaz are excellent, but not good enough to rescue half-baked material.

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