Pacheco soccer gets first win against LB

dwitte@losbanosenterprise.comApril 4, 2014 

Pacheco High girls soccer got its first win of the season in Tuesday’s 4-2 victory over cross-town rival Los Banos.

The Panthers scored all of their goals in the first half and led 4-1 at the break, but a second-half goal by Claudia Campos had the Tigers threatening.

“Our thought is, same after any of our goals, the game’s not over until it’s over, so we’ve just got to play 80 minutes of solid soccer,” Pacheco coach Trichelle Larkins said. “They didn’t quite panic ... The bench panicked for a moment, but the rest of us were good. They stayed together. I think same as in other games, when they score a goal, we get disappointed, but we keep our heads up and play soccer.”

The loss dropped the Tigers to 0-10, but the two goals were their first scored this year. Crystal Espana broke the ice for Los Banos in the first half, taking a fast break past the forward-playing Pacheco defense and twisting a line drive to the far post past Pacheco goalkeeper Sabrina Soares.

“I think that the girls had some chances to be more aggressive and push up there and have the chance to finally shoot,” Los Banos coach Nikkola Chase said. “The other teams have had really good defense, you know, the ball usually gets taken away from us before we have a chance to shoot, and this time we finally had a shot.”

Espana’s goal made the score 2-1 for Pacheco. The Panthers scored about 15 minutes into the game when Sandra Morales collected a ricochet on the outside and sent it into the net. Alexis Camarillo added another 15 minutes later, floating a direct free kick just under the bar.

“Since I play wing, I try to always stay out,” said Morales, who swung to the inside for her goal. “Sometimes I have to go in because the ball goes in the middle and no one’s there, but I have to stay out. No matter what, I have to stay out, because we have to use our wings.

“It was good. All day I stayed positive, thinking I’m going to score a goal today. And I did.”

Pacheco’s Alex Teran added a goal late in the first half off a cross from Melinda Martinez, and Theresa Barboza scored in the last seconds of the half after the ball bounced away from a collision between Los Banos goalkeeper Victoria Turner and Pacheco’s offense. Turner took a knee to the ribs in the collision and had to be helped off the field.

Los Banos put on a little more offensive pressure in the second half, while Pacheco backed off. Campos scored at about the 60th minute after Marina Barba, under pressure, sent her a pass across the top of the goal box. Campos sent the ball to the far post, where it ricocheted into the net.

“It’s about staying with your person, being aggressive,” Chase said, “staying in front of the person that you’re marking, always staying goalside, and just trying to win the ball against your opponent all the time.”

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