DAVID and RITA SILVA: Race shouldn’t be a factor in choosing school leader

February 28, 2014 

We have known Dennis Areias his entire life. He went to school with our children and we know his family well. Few people have given more to their community, especially the children, than Dennis.

Besides serving on the school board of trustees, he has invited the children from 4-H and FFA to his dairy to help them with their projects.

Dennis has never asked us to speak up on his behalf, but we believe that you support your friends.

There are people who want more minorities working as teachers and in other support positions. We have no problem if they are the best qualified candidates for the job. Our children are entitled to the best possible education, which can only happen if we hire the most qualified people.

Our six great-grandchildren are our fifth generation in the Los Banos school system and this letter is as much about them as about Dennis. There are seven members on the school board of trustees, why is one member being targeted for these awful letters, and how many of the people writing these letters have ever given their time to work with the children in Los Banos? Maybe their time would be better spent volunteering in the schools rather than writing threatening letters. It would be a positive experience for children to see their parents helping in their classrooms rather than just causing trouble.


Los Banos

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