Los Banos woman uses home remedies to help others

mgaytan@losbanosenterprise.comNovember 8, 2013 

— Setareh Zohreh Vahdat, a national speaker and clinical nutritionist from Southern California, moved to Los Banos with a plan to help others. The nutritionist has been advocating for healthy eating for more than 30 years and has recently brought her healing methods to the area.

“I speak regarding lifestyle changes, including nutrition, mental well-being and many other aspects, of course, of life,” she said, “and in today’s society, all over the globe, diseases (are) popping up like pop-ups.”

Originally from Tehran, Iran, Vahdat came to the United States while on summer vacation with her parents. The then-fifth-grader has never left.

At age 6, she was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.

“They told me the life expectancy would be about 20 years of age,” she said. “So I grew up watching my health all the time.”

At that point, choosing a life vocation was easy.

“It was always a question, ‘Why a healthy child would become a diabetic overnight?’” she said. “I wanted to become a doctor.”

Vahdat’s decision to pursue a medical degree were derailed when she passed out after seeing a dead body at school. So she decided to study nutrition.

Vahdat received a bachelor of science degree in clinical nutrition and bachelor’s degree in business, specializing in food services, from California State University, Northridge.

“I’m very happy that I did, because after I graduated I’ve been working for over 30 years now,” she said.

She found out quickly that this was something she truly loved.

“Some diseases don’t even have names for them yet, they don’t know what they are, let alone the diseases that we had since humankind can be reversed,” she said. “It may not be cured but it sure can be healed and we can live a life that the creator brought for us. So to live it in joy, peace, harmony instead of with disease, with a name tag on it.”

She likes to stress the importance of what goes into one’s mouth, because that’s exactly what makes cells, which is a major factor in body foundation.

Vahdat was always slim growing up, she said. She was even a model in her college years, but that hasn’t always been the case. Vahdat gained 220 pounds by age 35.

“It was not from my eating, because I always ate well,” she said. “It was because of hormonal changes due to stress.”

Meanwhile, she had already lived past her life expectancy. That motivated her to become a national speaker.

She was able to lose the weight by eating healthy. It’s what helped her get well, she said.

Vahdat spoke last year at a national cancer convention in Los Angeles County, and has more than 100 different online articles published on nutrition and health websites.

People have called me from around the world, she said. She has patients in Canada, Iran and in many other areas.

“My vision is to bring this word out to give people the hope that, if you want to live a healthy life, if you want to take that leash off your neck, with the name of that disease written on it, and you’re labeled with, there is a way,” she said.

When Vahdat helps people, she finds out the issues and challenges they face, she said. She will also go over their food choices and activity level, and do a face reading, because she said, “Our eyes and face are the window to our inside.”

“I will recommend to them what they can cook, what they may eat, according to their lifestyle,” she added.

Los Banos resident James Wyrick, 49,

met with Wyrick after an appendix operation.

“I’m always willing to try new things,” Wyrick said. “I really was skeptical about it.”


gave Wyrick a soup to draw out some of the poisons in his body, he said.

“It really dumbfounded me and amazed me, but I totally believe in it now,” he said. “I actually think she did more for me without medicines and everything than these doctors were doing for me.”

Vahdat said, by talking to Wyrick and giving him hope and guiding him through meditation during his pain, also played a role in his healing.

Vahdat’s plan to help the people on a larger scale in this ares, is to build a green system and retreat center on farmland near Los Banos where she lives.

“We are trying to create a place for having our own vegetables,” she said. “Also a center where (people) can come, for a five to seven-day stay, to be educated in that setting. The plan is to go to the root cause of the matter, then we are healing the problem.”

So far Vahdat has helped people with diabetes, cancer, addiction and a number of different ailments. She has requests from more than 10 different patents in this area. She is available for personal consultations at (209) 829-8877.

For more information contact Vahdat at (209) 829-8877 or email her at nojaba@yahoo.com.

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