Police briefs (10/18/13)

October 18, 2013 

False Alarms

Recently the Los Banos Police Department began working on a plan to reduce the number of false alarm calls that are received. Since March 1 police have responded to more than 750 false alarms. During the same period the Los Banos Fire

Department has responded to 63 false fire alarms. Many of these alarms were due to operator error or a malfunction of the alarm itself. The Police Department is encouraging citizens to make sure that their alarm is working properly and that they are properly trained in the operation of the alarm system. On Oct. 1 letters were sent to Los Banos properties that have had three or more false alarms in the past six months. The city is not charging for false alarms as of yet, but starting Jan. 1 Los Banos will

begin charging businesses and residences that experience four or more false alarms a year. The first three false alarms within a 12 month period will incur no penalty. The fourth and fifth response will result in a fine of $63 each. The sixth and seventh responses will garner $125 fines and every additional false event within 12 months will result in a fine of $250.

for each occurrence.

ASPCA grant

The Los Banos Police Department is proud to announce the acceptance of a $5,000 American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) grant. The grant was awarded to the department on July 25 and is projected to fund a low cost spay/neuter voucher program. Each year the department offers a similar discounted spay/neuter voucher program funded by fees collected from animal impounds throughout the year. Last year, the voucher program paid for 44 dogs and 66 cats to be spayed and neutered. During this same time the Los Banos Animal Shelter took in 2,237 dogs and cats, which were fed and cared for by members of the police department and Los Banos Volunteers for Animals group.

Applications for the low cost ASPCA spay/neuter voucher program will be available after Jan. 6 at the Los Banos Police Department or by contacting Animal Control Officer Jason Martin at (209) 827-7070 ext. 252.

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