BALDO SALCIDO: Voters, don’t forget past financial mistakes

October 10, 2013 

Measure disregards principles

It behooves voters to be vigilant and well informed on the inaccurate finances and forecasts of the Los Banos 2013-14 budget.

But, first, let’s digress to the infamous election of Gov. Schwarzenegger’s four propositions: 73, 74, 76 and 77.

All of the propositions miserably failed, despite his shameful use of $50million of taxpayers’ money to fund the campaign. Schwarzenegger spent $50million during a time that California repeatedly faced budget constraints.

Voters of Los Banos, let’s one more time go back to November 2002, the election on Proposition 49 pertaining to the funding of the after school program in California. The measure passed overwhelmingly despite the strong opposition by highly financed groups. It passed also despite the state facing a $50 to $60million deficit. The educational value of Proposition 49 has proven to be immeasurable; overall crime by program participants was reduced by over 50percent in all areas.

Voters are well informed and educated on the issues. Voters were triumphant in the above two past elections, despite the exorbitant amount of funding. Voters are not fooled by deep pockets, consulting firms or fancy signs paid with tax dollars.

Voters should not be swayed nor intimidated by the threat of reducing our police or firemen. The Los Banos City Council has a conservative $6million surplus to pay our force from the general fund.

We trust that voters of Los Banos will determine that Measure K looks good, but in reality it disregards principles of good government and totally disregards the voters’ mandate in the passage of Measure P in 2004, which mandated specifically how sales tax money was to be spent. Measure A in 2009 was only approved due to the difficult economic times.

The current economic trend has swayed upward with the increase of sales tax revenue and the increase of our property taxes this November by 9 to 12percent. It’s time to emphatically tell the politicians, “No on Measure K.”


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