GUINTINI: Measure K maintains public safety with no tax increase

October 10, 2013 

On July 17, the Los Banos City Council unanimously voted to place Measure K on the November ballot.

Measure K simply is the extension of Measure A, allowing the city to continue to use existing voter-approved public safety funds to protect and maintain firefighter and police officer positions without increasing taxes. These funds currently support six sworn police officer and two firefighter positions. Consider these facts:

• 69percent of 911 calls to our firefighters are for medical emergencies.

• There are more than 600 documented gang members and associates and over 18 active criminal street gangs in Los Banos.

• Police officer and firefighter staffing levels are significantly below national averages and standards in the city of Los Banos.

If approved by voters, Measure K will help the city continue to maintain the existing number of local police officers and fire fighters/EMTs, as well as important public safety services including answering 911 calls, providing emergency response, preventing gang and youth violence and preventing theft and property crimes.

Measure K continues to require that all expenditures are monitored by an independent citizens oversight committee, independent audits, and that all funds are used exclusively for Los Banos police and fire. By law, no money can be taken by Sacramento.

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Los Banos Fire Chief Chet Guintini is a 25-year veteran of the Los Banos Fire Department.

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