Planning commission OKs final plan for Los Banos Memory Care Project

mgaytan@losbanosenterpriseSeptember 13, 2013 

— Planning commissioners on Wednesday approved the final development plan for the Los Banos Memory Care Project. The memory care unit and senior day care facility will now bring the footprint of the building to the north half of the project parcel and closer to San Luis Street.

The project, a 28,834-square-foot memory care unit, will be a senior day care facility that will have 30 units and 48 beds available and will be located on the corner of San Luis Street and Miller Lane.

It will also bring the courtyard closer to San Luis Street, and make the senior day care facility larger. The architecture and design will remain the same as previously approved.

Originally, the development plan was approved by City Council in 2009 for a 146,450-square-foot facility that would offer 150 units and a maximum capacity of 164 beds. The plan called for two- and three-story buildings with courtyards and a parking lot, but due to market and economic conditions, the project was not built.

Earlier this year, developers asked to change the plan to the development of a single-story memory care unit and that plan ultimately was approved. But during the preparation of the building and improvement plans for the project, it was discovered that the utilities along San Luis Street would be easier accessed if the building was closer to San Luis Streeet, said Stacy Elms, assistant planner for the city of Los Banos.

Having the building built on the south side of the project parcel would have been substantially more difficult and costly than if it were constructed closer to San Luis Street, which now will allow closer access to public utilities.

“It’s a unique land use that’s not already available in Los Banos. So we’re excited,” said Elms. “ It’s going to provide a great amenity to our residents and its own residents when it’s built.”

The next step is for the developers to submit paperwork for a building permit with the city of Los Banos.

“We are hoping that by end of the year construction will begin,” Elms said. “That is the city’s hope.”

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