Is your child a victim of identity theft?

August 22, 2013 

Five year old twins Bobby and Susie are having fun on the playground under the watchful eyes of their parents. Do Bobby and Susie's parents know their children's identities are being watched? Surprisingly, identity thieves are watching Bobby and Susie. They are also watching your children, too.

The Child Identity Theft Report 2012 by Jamie May, Chief Investigator, AllClear ID, identified 10.7 percent, or one out of ten, children were victims of identity theft. This report revealed child identity theft as a widespread problem. The report presented new data confirming that the younger the child, the more likely they will be a victim of identity theft. Thieves have more time to go undetected while they use the child's identity the research found.

May explained "Some say a child is a blank slate, yet to be written upon. To parents this means a long life of opportunity. Unfortunately it means the same to identity thieves."

Would not a credit report find identity theft of a child? A Social Security number is linked to a specific name and date of birth. A credit report only checks the history. Meanwhile, identity thieves typically attach a child's Social Security number to a different name and date of birth. AllClear ID ran credit reports for 381 confirmed cases of child ID theft and the credit reports failed to detect 99 percent of the child identity theft cases. The response returned from the report inquiry was that no credit file was available.

Did you know a child is 35 times more likely to be a victim of identity theft versus an adult? A young child under the age of 5 becoming a victim of identity theft has increased 105 percent in one year.

Is your child a victim of identity theft? Find out.

Richard Martorello

Los Banos

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