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sports@losbanosenterprise.comJuly 18, 2013 

Just a few months after Los Banos High launched its athletics app for smartphones, Pacheco High has followed suit after Tuesday's release of the Pacheco Athletics app.

"When Joey and I went to the state AD conference, he showed me his test version before it was released, and he showed me the app from Serra High School in San Mateo, which is kind of where he got started from, this company called PrepConnect Mobile," Pacheco athletic director Charlie Pikas said. "I thought it was an awesome idea, so I checked with our admin when I got back to see if we could do it too."

After getting the OK to deal with the Cincinnati-based company, Pikas found the money in his district athletic budget and began the process.

"They found that it was going to be another valuable tool kind of like Schedulestar that we have where not just our athletic stuff, but other items like our calendar for school functions, the parent portal, the weekly bulletin, all could be found in one spot," Pikas said. "It made sense as we move into a deeper age of technology, to get our stuff out there any way we can."

The app includes a scoreboard, a photo section to be populated by the school's sports and event marketing class, rosters, directions to fields, a calendar for athletics and school events, and links to the Pacheco Athletics website as well as the school's sports video broadcasts.

"It's the exact same people (as the Los Banos app), that's why you're going to see the similarities of both apps," Pikas said. "It is nice to keep up with everything, and really the only difference is LB has a link to their boosters page and we have a link to our live video feed."

The Pacheco athletic booster club has been slow to get rolling, but Pikas feels things are starting to move faster.

"It's taken a while, but we got a good group working now, and we're going to find out tonight how the fireworks booth did, and I think that will start us off on the right stand," Pikas said. "We're going out in the community and we're hearing good things about us now too, so we're getting a little bit of a foothold in town.

"It's a long process. We knew that going in."

For Pacheco High fans who haven't yet entered the smartphone era, Pikas said there is still twitter and facebook, which he tries to keep updated.

"Facebook and Twitter are nice," he said, "but they're also on here."

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