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July 4, 2013 

Critics of Areias need to justify recall drive

In Obie O'Brien's letter to the Enterprise (June 21) explaining why he is involved in the petition to recall Dennis Areias, he listed several decisions Dennis had made that Mr. O'Brien disagreed with.

Dennis is only one of seven trustees, yet Mr. O'Brien talks as if only Dennis was responsible for these decisions.

Perhaps Mr. O'Brien has forgotten that it requires a majority vote to pass anything and, yet, Dennis is the only trustee being targeted for recall. I have asked Dennis if he would debate with the people who want to recall him and he said, certainly, any time and any place.

Good for him. This tells me that he welcomes the opportunity to tell his side of the story to the voters of the Los Banos Unified School District and answer any questions that they may have.

I believe that when people accusing others of wrongdoing won't do it to their face, they are probably lying or have something to hide. None of the people behind the recall have made any effort to contact Dennis Areias so, therefore, I have to ask, into which of these two categories do they fall?

When someone has done as much for Los Banos and its schools as Dennis Areias, they deserve a fair and public hearing. So, unless the recall people are lying or have something to hide, it is time to step up to the plate and do the right thing.

If all the people involved in the recall would join the debate, it would be fair and meaningful.

We the voters deserve to hear both sides of the story, so we can make a fair decision when we vote.

David J. Silva

Los Banos

Rein in government to ensure freedoms

On July 4, 1776, the Second Continental Congress unanimously adopted the Declaration of Independence announcing the colonies' separation from Great Britain. Because of this initial act of rebellion against an unjust and overbearing English king and parliament, we, as citizens of the United States of America, have the opportunity that few people have ever had in human history, and that is the opportunity to be free.

The Founding Fathers did not want to live under the oppression of tyrannical dictators. After trying unsuccessfully for many years to get England to amend its ways and reason with them, the Americans decided that they needed to cast off the yoke of bondage the English were placing on them, so they could live in freedom.

This week, many people all over the country will be reading the Declaration of Independence at their celebration gatherings. They will be commemorating what our Founding Fathers have done for us and reminding each other that we still need to hold our government officials accountable in order to hold on to the freedoms that our founding documents declare we have.

Laurel Heaton

Los Banos

Heat is on, so let's look after our elderly

>With the extreme heat we are having in Los Banos, I was somewhat relieved to hear that the community cooling center would be open for seniors. However, I was also concerned with seniors that are shut-ins or have no local family, and how they would manage through this extremely hot period of summer.

I called the community center and was given a number to a person that I will not name here, who allegedly directs senior services here in town. I called this number and left a detailed message about my concern for seniors that are shut-ins and inquired if there were any volunteers in town who were checking on their welfare.

I have not received any call back. This is not the first time this issue has come up. We attempted to assist a senior neighbor in getting help for his wife, who was having chronic health issues, and all messages were ignored or not returned.

This not about assigning blame to anyone but, as a community, I feel that we can and need to provide the seniors of our community the best service to which we are able.

I sincerely hope that the readers of the Enterprise will address this issue with the mayor and City Council to ensure that all of this city's seniors are protected and have access to cooling centers, or are safe in their homes.

As a community, we need to be acutely aware of the danger that this heat will bring, and take it upon ourselves to help in any way we can.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express my concern for the safety of our residents, especially those who are the most vulnerable members of this city.

Randy K. Glenn

Los Banos

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