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June 27, 2013 

This letter is in response to "Cemetery needs strict rules" that published in the Enterprise on June 21. I have never read anything so insensitive and uncompassionate.

To call this matter, "silly" is so off base. Anything concerning a lost loved one is not silly.

Leaving a small stuffed animal, an angel, a cross or any item within reason is not "blinging up" a grave site.

These items are placed there out of love and for a reason.

I have lived in Los Banos my entire life. I have many family members and friends who are laid to rest at the Los Banos Cemetery.

Everyone grieves in their own way. When an item is left at someone's final resting place it is not a "decoration." It has a special meaning.

And as to the June 7 letter to the editor by cemetery board member Tony Melillo, who stated he has been a board member since 1999. If then cemetery manager Darryl Henley wasn't doing his job correctly and he takes his orders from the board then perhaps instead of throwing Mr. Henley under the bus, the board should take the blame for the current situation.

Voting by district is right thing to do

In 2012 the Los Banos Unified School District, with the guidance of Superintendent Steve Tietjen, exercised prudent initiative by allowing the electorate, Los Banos citizens, to vote by districts versus at large.

The district received a letter that a lawsuit was eminent for violation of the Voting Rights Act. The district was well aware that courts historically ruled in favor of voting by district to provide communities with fair representation.

Furthermore, the district recognized that it would be financially liable for all litigation fees, even if a decision to settle was made prior to a court decision.

School board members were elected by district in 2012. The election had a few hiccups, i.e., some voters received the wrong ballots; but overall, the election results were certified.

The citizens of Los Banos now have a school board member that represents their respective district, and can address their concerns and issues.

The Los Banos City Council should follow suit and consider the same course of action. The time to vote by districts needs to be sooner rather than later. The next election for two of our city council seats will be 2014. Our current city council needs to consider the leadership demonstrated by the Los Banos Unified School District and spare any potential litigation and exorbitant litigation fees to comply to the Voting Rights Act.

In Los Banos, we do not have a city council member that directly represents their respective district or neighborhood. Therefore, it is not uncommon for some of our city council members to ignore concerns and issues relevant to our citizens and neighborhoods.

Voting by district is inevitable, it is the right thing to do.

Walmart remodel completion, 2014

We wanted to take a moment to provide your readers with the facts regarding the expansion work planned for our Los Banos store discussed in the recent article dated June 19, "Walmart faces July 4 deadline for work on supercenter."

Since 1994, we have offered affordable products at our famous Every Day Low Prices to the Los Banos community. We are currently in the planning process, including public roadway improvements, to expand the store and we are committed to offering a full-service fresh grocery department to better serve the needs of our customers.

Our expansion will also add about 80 additional jobs with competitive pay and good benefits at the store. We look forward to continuing the planning work with the city with a goal to unveil the remodeled one-stop-shopping store in 2014.

Brenda Young Los Banos Baldo Salcido Los Banos Rachel Wall Senior Manager of Community Affairs for Walmart Los Angeles

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