Cemetery needs strict rules

June 21, 2013 

Regarding the silly turmoil to do with "blinging up" grave sites at the Los Banos cemetery, the Dos Palos District Cemetery has had the following rules in place for years:

No gravel, rocks, cement, casting plaster, metal, glass or ceramic objects, including toys, statues, wind-turning devices and or bric-a-brac are permitted on or around graves.

No more than two flower containers are permitted on the grave.

Fresh and artificial flowers will be removed from the graves when deemed unsightly by cemetery staff at their discretion.

The Los Banos Cemetery board would do well to adopt the same strict rules, or else your meetings will be clogged with people wanting permission to alter rules so they can decorate sites with lights, cans of beer, merry-go-rounds and big stuffed animals.

You can't please everyone and the ultimate goal is to keep the cemetery in a clean, safe and dignified state while keeping maintenance — ultimately funeral — costs down.

David Borboa Dos Palos

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