In support of Areias recall

June 21, 2013 

Some people believe the recall of school board member Dennis Areias is due to the reassignment of Principal Dan Martin of Los Banos High School.

This is not my reason for supporting this recall. It is based on the issues and actions that have recently occurred. It is based on my interactions with students and staff. I believe the present system is having adverse effects on the education of our children and grandchildren.

Board member Areias adamantly pushed to grant a substantial raise to the highest salaried administrative employee in our school district, while taking away from the general staff and supporting the elimination of the athletic program at Los Banos Junior High, as well as restricting student field trips.

There are two major factors that affected my decision to step forward in this matter. Mr. Areias' attitude and demeanor at school board meetings has been deplorable. Three well-liked female students from Los Banos High School with 4.0-plus GPAs and active in school activities addressed the school board via the public forum portion of a recent meeting. Instead of listening to the students and commending them for their time and preparation to come forward with their concerns, board member Areias shouted at them in distaste, embarrassing and belittling them.

A high-ranking school administrator followed them outside during the meeting to continue the belittling. Other board members were respectful and considerate toward the students.

In that meeting Mr. Areias stated: "I do not work for you. You work for me and if you don't like to hear what I have to say — VOTE ME OUT!" He is very unsupportive of those who have the job of educating our children.

Seldom is it just one issue. Talk to the students, teachers, parents and LBUSD employees to hear their concerns before signing the petition to recall Mr. Areias.

Once they share their concerns, you will sign with confidence. His actions can no longer be tolerated.

Support the recall! Sign with confidence. Your confidentiality will be observed!

Gerald "Obie" O'Brien Los Banos

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