Where are the cheese plant-expansion jobs?

June 15, 2013 

Where are the 40 jobs that were supoosed to be created by the expansion of the cheese plant on H Street? This was a very important part of Mayor Villalta's campaign for election. He claimed that because of his hard work in getting the fees lowered for the expansion of business, that the cheese plant was going to be expanded, creating 40 jobs. It is now nine months later and no one has applied for permits and there is no indication that work will start in the near future. Since the Enterprise ran the initial story, it is their responsibility to verify the facts. Who in management gave this information to Villalta, was there ever plans to expand the plant and what are their future plans for expansion? If they have planned to expand and changed their mind, tell us, but if it was just a plot to get elected, the voters have a right to know. Anyone who runs for any office should be held accountable for their campaign promises.

David J. Silva

Los Banos

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