Little League rolls into battles

Staff ReportJune 8, 2013 

After the White Sox compiled a 19-2 record in the Los Banos Little League regular season, one would think they would skate through the postseason.

But the fourth-seeded Red Sox had other ideas, bumping the White Sox to the losers bracket of the majors tournament with a 1-0 win on June 4.

The win left the Red Sox and the second-seed Giants as the two teams left in the winners bracket prior to Thursday's game. The White Sox, meanwhile, survived an elimination game on Wednesday, edging the No. 3 Yankees 9-8, while the No. 8 Angels, who went 0-21 in the regular season, survived two straight elimination games, beating the Dodgers 9-5 on Monday and No. 6 Indians 14-7 on Wednesday. The Angels and White Sox faced off Thursday (results were unavailable at press time) in a rematch of the opening round's 8-2 White Sox win.

In triple-A action, the top-seeded A's and No. 6 Blue Jays faced off in a late game Thursday after the A's had a first-round bye followed by a 9-7 win over the No. 4 Dodgers. The Blue Jays, after going 7-10-1 in the regular season, knocked off the third-seeded Red Sox 10-3 in the playoff opener and the No. 7 White Sox 11-6 in the second round.

The Dodgers and White Sox survived elimination games in the losers bracket and faced off late Thursday.

In Double-A, the top-seeded Rangers remained the only undefeated team in any level of LB Little League, adding a 15-5 win over the No. 4 Braves to their 16-0 regular season.

And in Single-A action, the No. 1 Braves and No. 2 Giants faced off late Thursday in the winner's bracket, while the No. 3 Cardinals and No. 4 Angels remained alive in the losers bracket.

Championship games for all four levels are on Saturday -- Single-A at 11 a.m., AA at 1:30 p.m., AAA at 4 p.m. and Majors at 7 p.m. The brackets are double elimination, so if the team from the losers bracket wins Saturday, and extra game will be needed on Sunday to determine a champion.

League play continues at the Juniors level, with the Threshers and Redwings tied at 5-2 following a four-game Threshers winning streak. That streak included an 8-3 win over the Redwings on Saturday.




Winners bracket, First round

1. White Sox 8, 8. Angels 2

4. Red Sox 10, 5. Dodgers 0

6. Indians 7, 3. Yankees 6

2. Giants 10, 7. Phillies 0

Losers bracket, first round

8. Angels 9, 5. Dodgers 4

3. Yankees 14, 7. Phillies 7

Winners bracket, second round

4. Red Sox 1, 1. White Sox 0

2. Giants 11, 6. Indians 6

Losers bracket, second round

8. Angels 14, 6. Indians 7

1. White Sox 9, 3. Yankees 8


Winners's bracket, first round

4. Dodgers 13, 5. Giants 3

6. Blue Jays 10, 3. Red Sox 3

7. White Sox 8, 2. Braves 6

Losers bracket, first round

2. Braves 3, 3. Red Sox 2

Winner's bracket, second round

1. A's 9, 4. Dodgers 7

6. Blue Jays 11, 7. White Sox 6

Losers bracket, second round

4. Dodgers 7, 2. Braves 5

7. White Sox 8, 5. Giants 4


Winners bracket, first round

4. Braves 13, 5. Giants 12

Winners bracket, second round

3. Angels 13, 2. A's 7

1. Rangers 15, 4. Braves 5

Losers bracket, first round

2. A's 11, 5. Giants 0


Winners bracket, first round

4. Angels 13, 5. Dodgers 10

Winners bracket, second round

2. Giants 6, 3. Cardinals 1

1. Braves 11, 4. Angels 3

Losers bracket, first round

3. Cardinals 10, 5. Dodgers 6

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