Spevak: Let's get cracking for a good time and a good cause

By John SpevakMarch 8, 2013 

What could be better than enjoying a good meal and a good time? Answer: a good meal and a good time for a good cause. Everyone, I predict, who attends the Los Banos Rotary Crab feed on April 5 will experience this.

The proceeds from this all-you-can-eat dinner, the club's main fundraiser, will go primarily toward Rotary projects that benefit the community, including scholarships for high school seniors and assistance for the library, Boy Scouts Troop 85, and other local groups.

In addition, a small percentage of proceeds goes toward global Rotary projects, including water purification improvements in Africa and the Philippines and the continued worldwide efforts to eradicate polio.

"Rotarians in Los Banos and worldwide believe in Rotary's motto, 'Service Above Self,' " said Brenda Latham, club president. "We try to help people in our community and, in some small way, help people in other parts of the world."

The crab feed will be held at the Los Banos Fairgrounds Exhibit Building. Tickets are $45.

"In spite of crab prices fluctuating up and down, especially up, we are determined to keep the ticket prices the same as last year's," said lead Rotary crab-man Tony Whitehurst.

The price includes all the crab a person can eat, plus pasta with Tony's secret sauce, bread, salad and wine. In addition, the hosted bar, included in the ticket price, will again be open before the dinner is served.

Tickets can be purchased now from any Los Banos Rotarian, including Toni Moreno, who can be reached on her cell phone at (209) 752-9400 or on her business phone at Rooney's at (209) 826-3981.

A highlight of the evening is a raffle with hundreds of prizes. This has been a traditional "bonus" to the dinner and includes a variety of items donated by local merchants as well as Rotarians.

Club president Brenda Latham promises that the spirit of Rotarian "service" will be experienced by all at the event. "The Rotary Crab Feed has a reputation for good food served in a timely and friendly way," she said, "and we want to continue this tradition."

Using Rotarians and high school students who are part of the Rotary-sponsored Interact high school club, Latham will ensure diners are served promptly and get all the pasta, salad and crab they can eat.

"Our servers will work their hardest so that all diners entrusted to their care are smiling and having a good time," Latham said. "That's one of the reasons we have so many 'return customers' each year."

This reputation for good service, good food and good times has made the crab feed a sellout or near-sellout every year for a decade. Latham expects another excellent turnout and encourages everyone to get tickets before they're gone.

In other news

In my recent column on nonagenarians, for which I received many positive comments, I forgot to mention two of the most active nonagenarians in Los Banos.

As soon as I saw Eileen Sorensen at one of the "Great Decisions" discussions on a recent Tuesday, I realized I had unintentionally omitted her from that column. It's hard to believe Eileen is in her 90s. She continues to be active, with a sharp mind, quick smile and positive spirit.

Likewise, when I saw Claire Biel at a meeting of the California State Employee Association retirees, I recognized another omission.

Biel is still involved in the local CSEA retirees' organization, serving as board member and past president. I doubt if anyone not familiar with Claire's age would think she's in her 80s, let alone in her 90s.

Eileen and Claire are two more examples of Los Banos nonagenarians who encourage and inspire others who may be younger in age, but not in spirit.

I'm sure there are other active, thriving Los Banos nonagenarians whom I haven't yet mentioned. In future columns I hope to acknowledge them.

Comments on the writings of John Spevak, an Enterprise columnist for 29 years, are encouraged, and can be sent via email to john.spevak@gmail.com.

Comments on the writings of John Spevak, an Enterprise columnist for 29 years, are encouraged, and can be sent via email to john.spevak@gmail.com.

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