Police urge public to practice safety

STAFF REPORTSDecember 1, 2012 

With the holiday season upon us, the Los Banos Police Department is planning to beef up efforts to guard against theft.

"This holiday season, we are planning extra enforcement efforts and the public can expect to see an increase in patrols around local shopping areas," said Cmdr. Ray Reyna Jr.

"Our goal is that everyone will have a fun and safe end of the year."

The public is also being asked to do its part. Police issued a news release this week with tips to prevent shoppers and city residents from becoming crime victims.

The tips:

* If possible, coordinate your shopping trips with friends and family members.

* Do not park your vehicle in areas that are poorly lit.

* Make sure your valuables are stored in your trunk. Never leave valuables inside your car or in an area visible to the public.

* Have your keys in your hand when going out to your car. Put wallets in front pants pockets and carry your purse under your arm with the strap around your shoulder.

* Don't carry a lot of cash.

* Be aware of your surroundings.

* Consider asking mall or store security for an escort before leaving your shopping location.

Inside the home

* Be extra cautious about locking your doors and windows, even if you are only leaving for a few minutes.

* Do not place gifts near front windows or in areas where they are easily visible from the street.

* Be aware of strangers coming to your home. If you don't recognize the visitor, keep the door locked and speak with him without opening your door.

* Do not leave empty boxes from valuable or highly sought after gifts on the street for the garbage collector. This gives burglars an idea of what's inside your home. Break the boxes down or cut them up before discarding them.

* Document the serial numbers of all your valuable items and keep them in a safe place.

-- Corey Pride

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