DJ Barcellos: Chamber brings benefits

November 3, 2012 

I have often remarked that politicians who are in the business of balancing a public budget should, at the very least, have experienced the responsibility of maintaining a livelihood with no safety net of a guaranteed paycheck.

One's perspective on drawing from any and all available resources is enlightened when they have to fight for the unguaranteed almighty dollar.

It is politicians who have gone through that business independence, I find, understand and appreciate what entities, such as a chamber, has to offer to a city's financial health. Whether it be from free advertising, greeting/ambassador committee, fundraising events, volunteer work force, or the increased tax revenue derived from all of the above; the city benefits as a whole at no direct expense to public monies.

And, truth be known, a city body of workers, is an expense by its own definition that is a necessity to oversee our city services.

So, to those politicians who do not understand the benefits of a chamber, I say two things.

Accounting 101 is a good place to start and be careful how you criticize one of the hands who has fed you.

DJ Barcellos

Los Banos

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