Maria Borba: Open government needed

November 3, 2012 

The community center was built with money from a now-nonexistent redevelopment agency.

The bondholders expect to be paid. $4.7 million a year is due and payable with a 30-year term for a grand total of $54 million. Between $80,000 and $100,000 a year needs to be generated by rentals to offset costs to maintain the center.

The objective of some is to restore the Regional Transportation Impact Fees while claiming that they don't want to burden the taxpayers. If the RTIF stayed in Los Banos that would be acceptable, however, only a percentage of it would stay in the city.

The remaining would go to MCAG to do with as they please, which has been the case so far. Their priority is all about these fees for the bypass, which should be the state's concern not Los Banos.

Mr. Joe Sousa, our airport is a designated FEMA airport. You may not sell this property without federal authorization.

Misinformation and cover-ups are not what we need for the future of Los Banos. For the past two years, we have had an open government.

This information is for the voters benefit. So please consider it carefully.

Maria Borba

Los Banos

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