Lewis leads fundraising in council race

By Corey Pride / Cpride@losbanosenterprise.comOctober 25, 2012 

The contribution form for one of the candidates running for City Council finally arrived at City Hall last week, and it shows her leading in money donations by $150.

By the end of September, Deborah Lewis had received $3,999 in contributions. She was leading incumbent Elizabeth Stonegrove, who had received $3,849. Candidate Arkady Faktorovich garnered $3,443. Council candidate Steve Hammond is reportedly spending less than $1,000 on his campaign and therefore is not required to report his contributions.

Lewis' form, which was mistakenly filed at the county elections department by Lewis, reached the city clerk's office in Los Banos by mail on Oct. 15.

The form chronicles contributions candidates received through Sept. 30. The filing deadline was Oct. 5 and the county's time stamp indicates Lewis filed the paperwork on time. However, Lewis was unaware that the county changed its procedure and now asks that the forms be filed with the city.

Lewis' contributions include $299 from Auc Pro Inc., $200 from Robert H. Mueller, $150 from Lila Rodoni, $200 from Marion G. Santos, $100 from Talbott Sheep, $200 from Gary Wulbern and a $2,000 loan from herself.

Lewis also received $850 in contributions under $100. Itemization is not required for contributions under $100.

Lewis has spent $3,315. Expenditures include $1,826 to Premium Graphicx, $625 for candidate filing fees, $450 for eVisions.biz Inc. and $125 to the Memorial Hospital Los Banos Foundation Gala. Lewis also spent $289 in unitemized payments under $100.

Stonegrove's contributions included $3,275 from herself, $100 from Mary Grove, $250 from Steve and Janet Rath and $125 from Pete and Pauline Hernandez. Stonegrove also received $99 in contributions under $100.

Stonegrove has spent $3,428. Expenditures include $1,530 to SignzOnline.com for yard signs, $853 on campaign literature, $625 for a candidate's statement, $250 to the Los Banos Chamber of Commerce for Los Banos Tomato Festival booth space, $135 in payments made under $100 and $34 for voter registration information.

Faktorovich's $3,443 in contributions includes $200 from Troy Thoreson, $100 from Sondra Palocsay, $100 from Michael B. Johnson, $350 from Michael B. Deldin, $500 from Jerry Menefee, $250 from Corky Sherwood and $100 from Tom Kaljian. Faktorovich also received $843 in contributions under $100 and loaned himself $1,000.

Faktorovich's campaign spent $2,898. Expenditures include $1,826 to Premium Graphicx, $625 for a candidate's statement, $215 to the UPS Store, $108 in office expenses, $70 for meetings and appearances and $51 in postage and campaign paraphernalia.

The next filing date for contributions is Jan. 31.

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