Man in Fresno DUI collared in Los Banos

October 25, 2012 

Fresno police said Friday that the man originally arrested on suspicion of causing a fatal DUI crash in central Fresno in the early morning of Oct. 18 didn't do it --- and they now say the driver was the man's son.

The son was arrested last week in Los Banos.

Police initially said Mark Marin, 50, of Fresno was speeding west on Clinton Avenue early Thursday when he tried to turn south on Palm Avenue. His vehicle ran a red light, hit another vehicle traveling south on Palm Avenue, then struck a cinder block wall.

Morgan Santor, 27, of Fresno, who was a passenger in Marin's car, was killed.

Marin, who has two DUI convictions, ran from the 12:25 a.m. crash, but was arrested at a nearby home. Marin's son, Randy Marin, 26, told investigators at the crash scene that his father was the driver.

On Friday, however, police said new information from witnesses pointed to Randy Marin as the car's driver.

Police arrested him Friday night in Los Banos. He is being held in Fresno County Jail on felony DUI and vehicular manslaughter charges.

The father, Mark Marin, remains in custody for probation violation.

The other driver, a 24-year-old Fresno woman who was traveling south on Palm, was arrested for misdemeanor DUI.

-- Fresno Bee

— Fresno Bee

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