Maria Borba: Get informed

September 29, 2012 

Anyone wonder why Steve Hammond is running for Los Banos City Council? Did the educational trip to Texas and $25,000 grant from the city help him keep the Los Banos Rescue Mission for the homeless open?

As we all know, city finances are a high priority with local residents. Knowing about the lack of attention to your personal and financial obligations, what makes you think you are capable of overseeing the issues facing our city?

Or are you under advisement from the other two members of the council for another attempt at a three amigos tandem?

They gave unwarranted raises to the city hall employees including a huge raise to the city manager. Most devastating of all, they cut the staff of public safety, not only putting their lives in danger, but ours as well.

On the other hand we have Councilmember Elizabeth Stonegrove trying to get re-elected.

Let's not forget the graffiti program. It was an onging effort by local volunteers and private groups until you, Mrs. Stonegrove and ex-mayor Jones decided to take it away and get school kids involved and waste city money.

I can't wait to hear you explain to the taxpayers how this, the money given away to MCAG and the impact of the community center and its adverse effect on the general fund.

Waste, waste, waste and now Mrs. Stonegrove is at it again using the homeless programs as another excuse to give money we don't have. Since the RDA went away (but not the debt) this money will have to come from the general fund. You know, our public safety budget.

Please, I caution all voters to get informed because she is misleading you yet again.

Maria Borba

Los Banos

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