Shirley Rose: Likes Villalta for mayor

September 29, 2012 

Does this town have amnesia? Don't you remember the three amigos? Well, the two remaining amigos are still very much alive. Joe Sousa and Elizabeth Stonegrove need to be gone.

Let me remind you of a few things. Does the white elephant community center which has never made the kind of money it was promised to make ring a bell? How about Joe Sousa voting to not rehire important police officers we well need or Joe Sousa calling public speakers ignorant, stupid, pathetic? Do you soon forget the negative we are at each month at City Hall because of the vote of Joe Sousa and Elizabeth Stonegrove?

Please, Los Banos, Mike Villalta has made a large dent in this bad economy in two years, despite the turmoil he was left with as mayor because the "three amigos" had voted on things 3-2.

Mike is a breath of fresh air.

We need to finally get rid of all the negative voting and the last brick in the wall of the three amigos. Do not elect Joe Sousa or Elizabeth Stonegrove in November. Take a fresh breath and mark the box for Mike Villalta for mayor.

Shirley Rose

Los Banos

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