David and Rita Silva: Taxpayers want to know

September 29, 2012 

As taxpayers who pay the salaries of both Dan Martin and the superintendent of the Los Banos Unified School District, we feel that we, and the rest of the local taxpayers, have a right to know what is going on.

If, as the Martin family says, this is a personal vendetta, we have the right to know, and if Mr. Martin did something wrong, then we have the right to know that as well.

Doing everything behind closed doors only feeds the local rumors and does not help anyone. It is dividing the entire town. Mr. Martin and his family can say what they want, without restriction, but the hands of school board and superintendent are tied and they can say nothing in their own defense.

Therefore, we are only hearing one side of the story and that does not seem fair to us. We have the right to hear the entire story and come to our own conclusion about who is right and who is wrong.

If it is done this way because of a law, or because of the union, then that needs to be changed. The last time that we checked, we still live in a democracy where everyone lives under the same laws and is entitled to the same protection under those laws.

David and Rita Silva

Los Banos

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