Carole Duffy: Reinstate Martin at LBHS

September 29, 2012 

To members of the Los Banos Unified School Board:

At the last school board meeting you voted to reasign Los Banos High School Principal Dan Martin. Since that time the morale, school spirit and pride has suffered. It took Mr. Martin years to build all that and less than a month for it be destroyed.

You made an error in deciding to take action that evening. You should have waited a week or so, thinking about what action to take, maybe even doing some soul searching and investigation on your own.

I have talked to witnesses who say that Mr. Martin and Dr. Tietjen have bumped heads from the day Dr. Tietjen got to Los Banos.

Mr. Martin stood up to Dr. Tietjen. He stood up for his students, teachers, administrators, parents and what was right and fair.

He was not a "Yes" man. Dr. Tietjen only likes to hear, "Yes sir". This was a personality clash and nothing more.

Then it turned vindictive. Dr. Tietjen said he had "lost confidence in" Mr. Martin. By it's own definition, the phrase "lost confidence in" is virtually meaningless. It's the politically correct way of saying, "You've done nothing wrong but I don't want you around any longer."

I'm hoping some of you may be having second thoughts or even sorry and know you've made a mistake. It's not too late being a rubber stamp for the superintendent. It's not too late to correct your mistake. I'm asking you to reinstate Dan Martin as principal of Los Banos High School.

To the readers: If you agree with this, please contact the Los Banos Unified School Board members.

Carole Duffy

Los Banos

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