Juanita Campodonica: Whelan in House will bring change for the better

September 20, 2012 

If elected to the House of Representatives, Brian Whelan would be the kind of individual who would be a blessing to the state of California. Whelan will dedicate his time working for a balanced budget, thereby returning money to the middle class to use for their loved ones and to be capable of placing some money into a savings account for a rainy day. In my opinion, Brian Whelan will place actions behind his words. Whelan will present a water bill for the San Joaquin Valley to help the farmer with his crops, and the migrant and Hispanic workers from losing their jobs. He will vote for the water to flow to the orchards, vegetable gardens and the grasses needed to feed the animals. Whelan knows that the California farmer feeds 40 percent of the nation. As a newly elected congressman, he will work tirelessly on the water issue for the farmer.

Whelan won't speak in high-powered words that are empty in meaning. He doesn't try to impress people with words just to get their vote. Whelan is a man who stands behind his words.

We need a change in our nation and in California. Cast your vote for Whelan.

Juanita Campodonica


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