John Loftin: Crime in city is out of control with no end in sight

September 6, 2012 

The crime wave in Los Banos has reached a new high, based on the number of people who have had their homes broken into or cars stolen.

In the past two months, I've had my van stolen, my home burglarized, a bike stolen from my back yard and a CD player and speakers stolen from my car.

The police are doing the best they can, but are not staffed at the necessary levels and seem overwhelmed by the amount of crime in Los Banos.

Because of the lack of jail space in Merced County, the criminals who do get caught, are released and told to appear in court. Many of them fail to appear and continue to commit new crimes.

The problem seems to be a lack of money, yet we continue to spend billions of dollars fighting wars in other countries for other people, but won't put that money into the U.S.A. to fight the war against crime and protect our own citizens.

We need this money to build more jails, prisons and hire more police to protect Americans.

I'm really bothered that neither man running for president has spoken a word about the war on crime in our country.

Please speak up or Los Banos and America will continue to be destroyed. Keep your eyes open for any and all criminals and call the police.

John Loftin

Los Banos

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