Elderly are the targets of ID scam

STAFF REPORTSSeptember 6, 2012 

Police are reminding residents not to reveal personal information to unknown callers. The warning was prompted by an elderly woman's report that she had received a phone call from a woman who said she had information about her Medicare and Social Security accounts.

The caller said she wanted to send the woman information about a new Social Security and medical card which would lower her premiums, prescription costs and allow her to receive more money each month from the Social Security Administration, police said.

The caller asked the woman to verify bank account and personal identifying information to complete the transaction. Officer Surina Gonzales was able to confirm that this is a scam, and no such program is being offered.

The Los Banos Police Department would like to remind residents that similar identity theft phone scams are attempted daily all over the county and personal information should not be given to callers over the telephone.

"A simple Internet search of the caller's telephone number can often provide you with information posted by other victims as to the intent of callers asking for your financial and personal information," Cmdr. Ray Reyna Jr. said.

Anyone wishing to report a similar incident should contact the Los Banos Police Department at (209) 827-7070. More information regarding protecting yourself from identity theft can be found on the city website at www.losbanos.org

-- Corey Pride

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