Lieb: Growth brings opportunities, distractions

August 30, 2012 

Congratulations to Los Banos Tigers and Pacheco Panthers varsity high school football teams on their first wins of the season.

This was Los Banos native Dustin Caropreso's debut as Tigers head coach. He said he was nervous at the start of the game, but told his players that he will remember this win forever.

Panther varsity football coach David Snapp has a reason to smile as well. Snapp was given the head varsity football coaching duties in 2011, one year after the school opened with only freshmen and sophomores. Snapp began his second year with a win over Selma High School.

Football is one of seven fall sports being offered at both high schools. More high school age students than ever before in Los Banos now have the opportunity to feel the adrenaline rush and excitement of being part of a team.

And in addition to sports, there are many non-academic classes and clubs offered to help enrich the learning experience and prepare high school students for adulthood. A very short list of these include the school band, a ceramics, drama or photography class or FFA.

As the city of Los Banos grows, so do the educational opportunities. But let's not forget the words of our grandparents who told us the importance of reading, writing and arithmetic. Today's world is filled with distractions from these three basic educational ingredients. I'm sure in the "old days" the distractions used to be the transistor radio, rotary phones or television. Those items today have been replaced with the Internet, iPhones, iPads, video games, etc., which can be highly useful. But combined with sports and extra-curricular activities, one may find themselves with little time for academics. High school education is a balancing act for the student and the parents, who want the best education possible for their children.

Parents must be involved in their child's education and know what they are doing. It's not easy, but life's not easy.

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