Letter from a reader: Supervisor O'Banion thinks of greater good

August 25, 2012 

This letter is to thank Jerry O'Banion for stepping up to the plate for the homeless in Los Banos.

Our former mayor always helped with the homeless, always seeing that warming centers were open when the weather was very cold. I believe our current mayor has no concern for the homeless.

This would not have happened with the "3 Amigos," as they were called, when they tried to represent all of the citizens of Los Banos. Thank God for men like Jerry O'Banion, who obviously cares about all people and gives good representation to the whole Westside.

There was a rumor going around prior to our election that all of our city reserves had been spent. The truth of the matter was the reserves were still in place when the new mayor took office. Now our city is in deficit spending.

Another complaint during that time was the community center. From what I have seen, and from what I am told by many, the community center is doing great and is continually busy. The citizens of Los Banos are making good use of the center. A special "thank you" to those council members and former members who made it possible. What does our future hold? Who knows?

Margaret Sliger

Los Banos

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