Neighborhood Watch

June 6, 2011 

Neighborhood Watch

One of the goals of the Los Banos Police Department is to make the Los Banos a safe community for those who live here. One of the ways residents can help is through a Neighborhood Watch program.

Neighborhood Watch is a crime prevention program designed to organize neighbors to become more involved in reporting crimes or suspicious activity in their neighborhoods. The program functions as a reporting tool where citizens become the eyes and ears of the police, yet operates with little assistance from the Police Department.

“The neighborhood usually elects a block captain who will oversee any neighborhood watch meetings, and be notified when neighbors will be on vacation. The group is vigilant in seeking out suspicious or criminal activity and reporting it to the Police Department from a safe distance. Neighborhood Watch groups make sure neighborhood visitors know someone is always watching,” Cmdr. Ray Reyna Jr. said.

If Neighborhood Watch is not available, individual citizens are still very valuable in the police department’s fight against crime. Being a good witness when crime is occurring and providing descriptions of suspects, vehicles, tattoos and even what hand the suspect used to commit the crime are all useful to police.

Capturing the crime on video is also a good way citizens can help the police identify potential suspects.

“Now more than ever we need to stand up to those who wish to victimize us. Imagine the strength and will we could bring to bear on crime and criminals if we worked together. It’s time we stand up together and say we no longer want you or your behavior in our town,” Police Chief Gary Brizzee said.

For more information on Neighborhood Watch call ther Los Banos Police Department at 827-7070.

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