James H. Martin: A miracle in disguise

April 1, 2011 

The story of this miracle began about two months ago.

This loving couple who in all their lives had never been involved in an auto accident had suddenly found themselves in the middle of a head-on collision with another vehicle. It happened as they were returning to Los Banos from a heart checkup in Modesto. They were traveling at the posted speed limit when another vehicle came at them in their lane. The two cars struck head-on and the driver later said that at the point of impact he witnessed a bright white light. He thought the bright light was God. He later dismissed the bright light as just the powder from his deployed airbag.

I choose to believe it was indeed God, for a head-on collision normally takes the lives of those involved.

After a month, he was given a complete body scan to see if his injuries were healing properly. Upon reading the scan, the doctor discovered a small spot about the size of a pen head. The doctor initially thought something had dropped on the scan, so he let it go.

Having second thoughts, the doctor ordered another scan. Sure enough, upon reading this second scan, he found the spot was even larger (about the size of a marble). The doctor and patient agreed upon surgery.

The surgery took 2 1/2 hours. It turned out that he had cancer on his pancreas and they were able to remove it all. The doctor continued to explain that the accident of two months ago saved his life. You see, he explained, cancer of the pancreas is 99 percent fatal due to the fact that it is nearly never discovered in time for a cure.

Friends, I believe the bright light, the full body scan and the doctor's unsureness that led to surgery are all part of God's work. Yes, I believe there is no other way this could have come together except through the miracle-working hands of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Brothers and sisters, God is still performing miracles in this world today.

James H. Martin

Los Banos

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