Diana Ingram: A memory is truly never lost

July 9, 2010 

Mary and Rudy Rosselli had been married for over 60 years and built a lifetime of loving memories, and the devotion of their three daughters and many friends they have deservedly made over the years. Mary had been ill for some, time and this past Monday God gently took her back home to heaven. Mary was a sweet, fragile woman who loved her family and her home. Sometimes it is hard to see the person they are so lost in the disease. Memory is the gift that fades the negative images and fills your memory with smiles of sweeter days. My sympathy to the family as they deal with their loss. A special thank you to Linda Allegretti for the loving care she gave Mary theses past few years. There is no better caregiver.

So hard a loss

Jerry and Colleen Menfee have so many of my prayers as their family deals with the recent death of their son. What a difficult loss, met with such grace and dignity. I am in awe.

New Bethany offers us a night of charm

This Annual event put on by the members of the New Bethany Guild as a fundraiser for our blessed New Bethany Residential Care and Skilled Nursing Facility, is always a wonderful affair. The ladies and their gentlemen, do a creative charming job that leaves you relaxed and satisfied. Save Saturday, September 11. for The Marketplace on New Bethany Square. You will be tempted by the savory gourmet cuisine prepared by talented Valley Chefs, you can shop the courtyard in an atmosphere reminiscent of old world village markets, along with fresh produce at their version of a farmers market, and have the opportunity to mingle with friends and meet new acquaintances in support of one common goal, that being compassionate, Christian based assisted living. A $50.00 donation for your ticket covers the entire fun filled evening. Guild president, Barbara Parreria, is doing her typical sensational job. Please call 209-829-0231 for more information.

My guy's day

July 12 is my Ron's birthday and while we plan to celebrate it quietly, to us it is a big landmark. I invite you all to join by sending Ron a card to 703 Page Avenue. I want him to know how many people are cheering for him, and how many people his story has touched. Ron is quite a guy; at least I sure think so. We have been reminiscing a lot about his younger days and of his many adventures, his life could easily be a book. Now there is an idea. We both can't believe how fast all those times went by, how close they seem to be at hand, almost just out of our reach. In so many, many ways he is still that little boy so in love with nature, teller of tall tales, and able to fool you so you never know if it's true or not. I am so heads over heels in love with this man that it's crazy. That is why it was so hard for us to hear all treatments have failed. We fought the good fight. Now we are just going to enjoy each other. For we know we are lucky and have been blessed. A special thank you to Father Bob for his wonderful support.

Anniversary bells

I am so sorry that this anniversary wish is being mailed late. Happy Anniversary to Marlene and Tom Farnham of The Lucky Strike with lots of love from their daughter, Sherry, their employees and all their friends. Happy wedding anniversary to Bob and Mary Ann Edminister,

July birthday balloons

Happy birthday to the gal with the sizzle, terrific Tina Bohr! Love you honey!!!

Happy July birthdays to Dave Simmons, Cliff Agelton, Jim Willis, Richard Woo, Mykala Curtis, Carley Van Someren, and Michael Curtis Jr.

Help our pets

Once more the Volunteers for the Animal Shelter of Los Banos are holding a fundraiser Car Wash to help raise much-needed funds. The Car wash will be held this Saturday, July 10 in the parking lot at Rooney's Liquors starting at 9 am. Get your car clean, and help out our dogs and cats, equals great deal.

YLI plans

YLI Mystical Rose Institute No.169 will be having their Annual Installation of Officers on Tuesday, July 13. There will be a dinner at 6 pm with the Installation following. This year's theme is Take Me Out to the Installation, at 6 pm and guests are encouraged to wear their favorite teams shirt.

The parable of ducks

Jesus taught in Parables. I think we are still taught life's lessons that way, if we pay attention to the message. It is not like God is going to break into your life like a News Special Report on TV, saying, Heh, are you getting this?? I cannot begin to tell you the amount of pure joy and pleasure I derived from the duck family, living in our backyard off the canal. Each day I grew to expect their arrival with such cheerful anticipation. They grew more and more at ease in our yard world to the point they would come to my back door quacking for me to come out and give them bread. I filled a water dish for them, which they loved to drink from in such a nice orderly manner. The wiggle in their butt made me laugh. I made up stories about them that will someday become a children's book. I would watch them from my kitchen window, such a simple, perfect pleasure, and I though to myself, thank God, what a wonderful perfect gift. A perfect, peaceful distraction right in my own backyard. The Monday Ron and I headed out for San Jose for his test results, early, about 6 am; I saw the six and smiled. When we returned, sadder, that afternoon, I looked out the window. No ducks. Day after day I looked and waited. No ducks, oh some further down the canal, but my six, my special six had moved on to charm someone else who needed their magic more than I did. I realized then such a simple truth, nothing is forever. I had loved the ducks, enjoyed the ducks, then they moved on, And so is life, enjoy the ducks (or whoever) when you have them, they are on loan. Appreciate the day before it moves on, and until next time, may all your news be good news.

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